Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tensed Up


[Bloggie sayang, you know what?
I've missed telling you stories..
So, today I'll share with you some of them.]

Final exam is just around the corner!!!
but it seems as if I've not yet reached my level of satisfaction..huhu

If the final exam is just around the corner, projects, assignments, quizzes, tests
are like a pile of unfolded clothes..(oops!)
Allah help me!!!

mana satu nak buat dulu ni?  

For this coming week only,
there's 9 major tasks that i should do or submit..
Now i really know how hard it is being a student..(ceh.padahal dah lama tahu..)

When time gets so packed like this,
everything seems to be wrongly done and
everyone seems to get really moody for no reason..
Kenapa ye?

Maybe because of the last minute works that everyone gets tensed up with...
But there's so many assignments and final projects to be done! (alasan lagi..)

-English Report and Oral Presentation
-Maths Presentation and Assignments
-Audio and Video Final project
-Programming Report and Lab Assignments
[banyakkan bloggie?]

Muna...ingat lagi tak pepatah melayu,
"Hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih"
[thanks bloggie for reminding me..muah3!]

If there's a will, there's always a way.
Allah will always guide you the way.
Even though sometimes you don't quite see it. 
So, work all out and be patient!
Allah will surely grant you with something unexpected.

Umi, abi, along, angah, adik
and fellow friends, pray for me
-in becoming a good student and
-achieving high grades for this semester   
Until then..

p/s: sorry for all the grammatical errors..

wahai teman-temanku...